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Taking your tests to obtain your driver’s license is a very exciting time. It is important that you take the time to properly prepare for the tests. You will be taking both a written exam and a driving ability test. The tests are very similar in all states, but some of the questions on the written test may vary depending on the rules and regulations in that particular state.

The written exam can be taken in English or Spanish form. All Department of Motor Vehicles have practice booklets available at no charge that you can use to study. These manuals are also available online for most states. Such driver’s manuals have the answers to every question that will possibly be on your driving test. It is important that you review and understand all the information in the driver’s manual. If you don’t ask someone who works there for clarification prior to taking your test.

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The written portion of the test will be multiple choice questions. You will be required to select the answer that best fits the question. In some states, the written test is actually taken on a computer. This allows the test to be completed and scored quickly by the computer as soon as you complete it. Most states have several versions of the written test to prevent cheating, but the basic information you need to know is the same no matter which version you are given

Your local Department of Motor Vehicles has driver’s manuals available for your use, free of charge.

< These manuals detail every aspect of driving in that particular state in complete detail. Most are even available to view online now. The driver’s manual is a valuable study tool for those who are needing to pass the drivers license exam. They must first score high enough on this exam to qualify to take an actual driving test. This involves having an instructor in the vehicle with you to evaluate your performance.

It is the responsibility of each driver to thoroughly read and understand all the information in the driver’s manual. If you don’t you are putting the safety of yourself and everyone else out there on the road at risk. The information is compiled from years of research on driver’s information, including what causes accidents. These driving manuals are updated on a regular basis.

Some overall information that is in all drivers manuals includes how to properly wear your seat belt, using your mirrors, seat adjustment, how to parallel park, and placing your hands on the steering wheel at 10 and 2. In addition, all drivers’ manuals discuss yielding to the right of way for pedestrians and safety when you or someone else breaks down on the side of the road.

Drivers Test

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Once you have completed the written portion of the test, it will be scored. Each state has a certain score you must obtain to pass the written test. If you don’t pass, you will be given a driver’s manual to study. You can then go in to retest when you are ready. You are charged the testing fee each time you go it to take it, whether you pass or not.

If you successfully pass your written test, you will then be given an eye exam to test your vision. If you were glasses or contacts it is very important that you have them with you when you go to test. Next is the actual driving portion of the test. This involves an evaluator riding the car with you to critique your driving skills. They will assess your skills in safety including wearing your seat belt, observing proper speed limits, observing road signs and crosswalks, and using your mirrors properly.

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You will be asked to do a series of events including passing another vehicle, making right turns, making left turns, and parking. The evaluator will then give you a score based on your abilities in the various areas. The evaluator will explain the areas you did well in as well as anything you might want to improve on. If you don’t pass this portion of the test, you can schedule a time to retest. You will not have to retake the written portion that you have already passed. If you pass the skills portion, you will then need to go take your driver’s license photo. Take a good one, as many states are not issuing driver’s licenses for a very long period before they have to be